Spandex Swimwear Can Be Perfect for Everyone

Spandex Swimwear Can Be Perfect for Everyone

Something that many people do not understand is that spandex swimwear can be perfect for everyone. Men love spandex bikinis, micro bikinis, G-strings, and briefs. Women have also become more interested in spandex items that are worn as swimsuits. These are the women with bodies so sexy that men practically have seizures of pleasure when they spot them on the beach. Of course, it is true that women, particularly single women, do all they can to keep their bodies looking toned and sexy. Men have not quite caught up to the workout routines and healthy eating habits that women practice but they are not far behind because they want to look amazing in spandex, too.

Spandex swimwear is truly ideal for anyone who wants to show off their hard work in the gym. Swimwear of all styles, designs and colors are created from spandex. It is difficult to pin down whether women or men first started to wear this very erotic swimwear at the beach. The point is, though, that people who wear swim suits created from spandex always seem to get more attention when they go to their favorite swimming venue. A beach or resort swimming pool will do nicely in getting the admiring and lustful looks that the wearers so crave. It proves to them that they have succeeded in putting forth all the effort to insure that they are going to look stunning.

Now, women do have a little more to work with in the body department but men also have bodies that make everyone swoon. That is one of the biggest reasons that men love spandex swimwear. It shows off their tight ass cheeks and gives more than a hint as to what is underneath in front. So you see, spandex both teases and entices when worn by the men with the ideal type of body. It does make it all worthwhile in the end. Besides, spandex may be the number one fabric for swimsuits one day.

Spandex Swimwear Might Just Be the Best


Currently, there are many different styles, designs and fabrics used in making swimsuits for men. However, it turns out that spandex swimwear might just be the very best type to buy. There are many reasons for this and they have always been in effect. The problem is that people tended to not notice just how durable spandex really is. That little difficulty seemed to have resolved itself when men wore swimsuits made from spandex in the diving and swimming competition that were held in the late 1960s. Those red, white and blue spandex bikinis on those swimmers’ bodies seemed to make all guys want to buy a pair and their girlfriends urging them on to get at least one pair to try.

In the past, spandex swimwear was not considered in any way because it was not used in making any items. That was slowly corrected when a company developed a fabric known as Lycra. Spandex was created from Lycra and tested in all sorts of garments. Now, there is not only swimwear made from spandex but workout clothes, cycling shorts and pretty much anything that you want to wear. In comparison with other fabrics such as denim and cotton, spandex has been shown to be the most durable of them all. In addition, spandex does not shrink like cotton and denim are known to do when washed. Spandex always clings comfortably to the skin. In fact, men have been known to say that it is so light that it does not even feel as if it is a second skin.

When you try out some spandex swimwear it will usually turn you into a true follower and you will never wear any other type of swimsuits again. This has been attested to by enough men that it must be true. Actually, there does not seem to be any men who were asked this question that said they preferred something different than spandex. In fact, many of them have switched over to other spandex garments as well. Why don’t you just give it one try and see what happens? Chances are that you will become a quick convert.


Educating Others about Spandex Swimwear


I live for wearing swimwear whenever I can, which is quite frequently these days. But wearing spandex swimwear has brought my love of these designs to new heights that I never thought existed in this world. I have been lucky enough to own a surf shop right on the beach so I am always wearing something that will allow me the chance to jump in the water whenever the waves are right. But the spandex designs that I have allow me much more than just the chance to go surfing. They literally have changed my attitude towards life in general somehow and I love that. In fact, I have started carrying a line of swimwear made from spandex because a lot of my customers wanted to know where they could buy some.

The best thing about my spandex swimwear is the fact that I can throw a pair of shorts or pants over them and head in to town for the night. I can lay around in my living room when the weather is bad and not worry about people showing up unannounced. They are probably the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life and I am thankful every day I wake up and can put them back on. I know that I am sounding a bit preachy about these designs, but they truly are amazing.

If you are someone that loves the beach and the water like I do, then find yourself a couple pairs of spandex swimwear and give them a try. It does not matter if you do not have that perfect body, either. These things form fit to just about any style of body and you will look good in them no matter what. I have seen guys walking around on the beach from the shop that should not be out in public period, looking good in their spandex. I truly admire anyone that is willing to go against the flow of society and wear something that they truly love to wear no matter what. That is what I think makes the human race such a success really. Now it is time to give these a shot.


Making the Best Choices in Spandex Swimwear


I have taken to wearing spandex swimwear recently and I am very pleased with it. I have always been one of those guys that like the swim trunks that you could buy at any retail store across the nation for a couple of bucks. That all changed once I saw a guy wearing spandex. I begin thinking about all the things I had been missing in the past. So I decided that I would go online and try to find some swimwear that I might feel comfortable walking around in public wearing. The funny thing is that it took me a bit longer than I would have liked to find them.

That first pair of spandex swimwear took almost four hours for me to find. I looked through hundreds of different designs and just didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. I’m not saying they weren’t sexy looking swimwear designs, but I had never worn anything like this and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to embarrass myself. I stuck with it, though, and finally found a pair that wasn’t too skimpy or multi-colored and seemed to hide everything that needed to be hidden in public.


After trying that spandex men’s swimwear on for the first time, I knew that I was hooked. I also knew what I was looking for in regards to future swimwear designs so it made it much easier for me to find more. Now I have branched out a bit and wear some of the sexier version that I initially overlooked. I have to admit that I have more fun wearing the sexier versions out to the beach although I still feel a bit awkward taking them out for the first time. I never really know if someone is going to say something about them or not, but so far everyone has been very pleasant about the designs that I have chosen to wear. That tells me that I’ve been making some good choices.

Amazing Spandex Swimwear


The spandex swimwear designs that are coming out these days are absolutely amazing. So many guys are walking around with something outstanding on that I would find it astonishing that these items didn’t become the common swimwear of the future. Just look back through history and you can see where the cutting edge of swimwear designs always ends up becoming the next generation’s natural choice for taking to the beach. In a couple of generations, these spandex options will be outdated and people will be wearing something even more fantastical than they are now.

I have a few spandex men’s swimwear designs that I like to wear but I don’t take them out to the beach. I prefer to wear them around my own pool so that I can get a really good tan. I tried wearing them to the tanning salon once, but I really don’t like the tans that you get from those places. I prefer to lay out in my own yard and relax rather than sitting under some light in a closed up room. But the swimwear that I have doesn’t leave those awful tan lines that you see most people have when they wear traditional swimwear.


I think more people will be getting into spandex swimwear once they realize the benefits of wearing something like this. I can’t wait to go to the beach and see all the great designs this next summer, either. It’s like the designers take the winter off so that when swimwear weather comes back around, they can truly blow our minds. Hopefully, I will be able to wear some of the new designs that are introduced without feeling like a prostitute. Of course I will probably try to wear them around the house anyway and maybe I will take the designs I have now out to the beach next summer. Sometimes it is fun to take a few risks.

The Future of Spandex Swimwear


I feel that men’s spandex swimwear is probably going to be the biggest thing to hit fashion in the last three hundred years. I keep seeing more guys wearing these designs out in public and, even if they don’t know what the material is; they are definitely making a statement. I am tired of seeing people wearing traditional swimwear all the time and I think seeing more people in spandex is a great thing. It shows the world that we are not going to be herded together like sheep any longer and that we want to experience this life in fun and exciting ways.

I can’t wait for the erotic spandex swimwear to become popular enough to wear out in public, too. You know the day is coming when this will happen and I am going to be the first guy out there wearing the sexiest swimwear I can find. Right now, that type of swimwear is reserved for those people that have a special invitation to enjoy the privacy of my bedroom. That naturally means that there aren’t that many people that have actually seen my sexy and erotic spandex as of yet.


No matter what you might think about spandex swimwear, the time is coming when it will be just as common as wearing sandals on the beach. Personally, I think it will be a great move forward for humanity when we can feel comfortable wearing things that make us happy without people getting all butt hurt about it. Just think of all the other things in life that we could come to agree on once spandex is openly worn. Okay, that might be stretching it just a bit, but if people were more open minded about spandex as swimwear, then they could definitely be more open minded about other things in their life as well.

Give Spandex Swimwear a Chance


If you are looking for something exciting to wear to the beach, then you need to take a close look at the spandex swimwear designs that are available these days. I wasn’t too sure about these designs when I first heard about them since I was never really a fan of spandex in the past, but these designs have changed my mind completely. I don’t think I will ever wear a different kind of material for my swimwear again. It is truly amazing that someone could take this kind of material and make it useful to guys like me that never thought spandex was viable in any way.

Now I am sure that there are going to be detractors from the whole wearing spandex swimwear in public scenario, but that is to be expected. Some people just don’t like change and when they start seeing so many guys wearing things like this, they will feel that they have to change in order to stay current. That isn’t the case, though. You don’t have to change what you are currently wearing if you don’t want to. But I am sure there will come a time when spandex is going to be the most common swimwear available and you might look a bit odd if you don’t change over.


I suggest you purchase some spandex men’s swimwear for yourself and give them a try when no one is looking. You might find that they are much more comfortable than anything else you have worn in your life. You might also see that you look completely different in spandex, which could very well be a good thing. It could also be a bad thing if you aren’t used to people staring at you and giving you compliments all day long. I was a bit nervous when people started coming up to me and telling me how great I looked in my spandex, but I got over it rather quickly. In fact, I quite enjoy the attention these days.

The Best Times to Play in Spandex Swimwear


I have found that there are good times to wear men’s spandex swimwear and there are bad times to wear them. The good times, for me anyway, have always been in the middle of summer when there are literally hundreds of people out on the beach. In fact, the more people that are on the beach the better it is for me to wear my spandex. It is almost like there are so many people out there that they aren’t paying attention to what everyone else is wearing and I can blend in with everyone else. I don’t mind people noticing what I am wearing at all, but sometimes it does get rather annoying.



The bad times for wearing spandex swimwear usually happen in the middle of winter for me. It is still warm enough where I live to go to the beach and plenty of other people are always out there with me. But when they see me wearing my spandex, they all think that there is something wrong with me. I find it funny that these same people wouldn’t give me a second look if they would see me in the middle of summer wearing the exact same thing on the beach.

It just goes to show you that there are a lot of people in the world that think wearing spandex swimwear is perfectly okay as long as you are doing it the way they think you should be. I don’t hold to that thought process, though. I think you should be able to wear whatever you want whenever you want to and no one should be able to tell you any different. I think the world would get a long a whole lot better if people started to live by that little rule. I know I would be a lot happier in my life if I could wear my spandex whenever I wanted to without people getting all bent out of shape because of it. That is a day I look forward to with great anticipation.

Spandex Swimwear is Not Meant for Out of Shape People


I love spandex swimwear, but there are a lot of people that have taken this fascinating aspect of life too far. I’m not talking about all the sexy men and women out there wearing something that is a tad bit revealing or anything. I’m talking about those people that should truly reconsider wearing tight fitting clothing. You know who I mean; those people that should really look into buying more muumuu’s to wear in public. These are the people that are constantly telling me what I need to wear in public but never think about covering up with a large tarp to keep other people’s eyes from bleeding.

I know that saying things like this isn’t nice, but if you have ever seen a four hundred pound woman wearing spandex swimwear on the beach; you will understand. In a day and age when everyone is getting butt hurt about something being said, I feel that it is about time we own our offensive attitudes. The more people that come out and start telling these people that they shouldn’t be wearing things like this the more they will end up being in the minority and will have to start changing.

Now if they want to wear their spandex men’s swimwear in public; that is perfectly fine by me. They could start working out and getting their bodies into decent shape before heading out to the beach. Or they could just stop staring at me like I am the last pork chop on the buffet table and get on with their own lives. I don’t need Orca telling me that I am not wearing enough clothing to cover up my body when they can’t find enough material in a clothing warehouse to cover up their flab. Maybe this has turned out to be a bit harsher than I should have made it but that is how I feel. Actually, if you took a poll on this, I am willing to bet there are plenty of other people who will agree with me.

The Next Big Thing; Spandex Swimwear


If you are looking for something interesting to wear to the beach, then why not try spandex swimwear? These things have been around for a few years and people that are wearing them love them. Some people don’t understand that you can buy swimwear made from spandex, though, and those are the people that we need to focus all of our attention on. If they knew that spandex was available, they would surly go out and buy some for themselves. If they didn’t want to own any, then there would have to be something wrong with the in my opinion.

I simply cannot imagine a world where spandex swimwear didn’t exist. In fact, if something like that did exist I certainly wouldn’t want to live there. I would rather have a life where I could only wear my swimwear once a year than be able to wear swimwear every single day but no spandex. It just wouldn’t be the same to me; not after having worn spandex like this for so long. I actually had a friend offer me a thousand dollars to go an entire summer without wearing spandex. I made it almost one week before I gave in to my needs and slipped my spandex on to go to the beach. I didn’t care, either, that I was losing out on $1,000.



It is only a matter of time before men’s spandex swimwear becomes the next big craze in fashion and I will be waiting at the front of the line when that happens. I love wearing them every chance I get no matter what anyone else might think about it. I feel that if these people that don’t like the look of my spandex would just try some on they would finally be able to understand why guys like me choose to wear them. Of course they will always have some kind of argument to throw about as to why they refuse to wear them. Maybe they should worry about themselves more and let us wear our spandex if that is what makes us happy. If they tried it for themselves, they might find that it makes them happy as well.