Spandex swimwear fun for men

  Spandex swimwear for men entails almost as many styles and designs as what you see for women. There are wonderful choices when it comes to men’s spandex swimwear. Bikinis in many shapes and sizes from Speedo style swimsuits down to absolute micro bikinis that barely cover a thing along with almost every shape and […]

The Comfort of Spandex Swimwear

  Most of the spandex swimwear that I have tried out over the years has completely blown my mind. Now there have been a couple of designs that felt a bit awkward when I first put them on, but that is mainly because the designs were a bit more risqué than what I was used […]

Why Choose Spandex Swimwear

  When men start shopping for swimsuits for the summer, a large number of them choose spandex swimwear. There is an excellent reason that this is the ideal choice. Spandex is the perfect material for swimsuits because of the many special qualities that it possesses. At some point in time, when spandex was “discovered,” people […]

What Do You Know about Spandex Swimwear

  Spandex swimwear is something that has been around for quite a long time whether you may have known about it or not. In fact, not only has it been available to the public for many years, but it has grown in popularity during that time. While not all men will admit that they are […]

Spandex Swimwear Designs to Love

  The spandex swimwear designs that I have seen recently have shown me that I have been missing out on a lot of things in my life. I was always the guy that wore those terrible long shorts to the beach and had nothing except problems with them when I did. However, these new spandex […]

Spandex Swimwear bikinis, thongs and micro shorts for men.

  There is nothing sexier for men or women than spandex swimwear. I enjoy working out hard and slipping on the sexiest spandex swimwear I can find. I have a collection of hot bikinis, thongs, G-strings, pouch only suits and micro shorts. I am planning on adding sex spandex sport tights for my workouts this […]

Finding the Ideal Spandex Swimwear

  Finding the right spandex swimwear was a very difficult thing for me when I started this little quest of mine. You see, I have always been the type of guy that has to be the center of attention no matter what. I want people to notice me whenever I walk into a room so […]

Spandex Swimwear and Getting Attention

    Anyone on this planet can wear spandex swimwear to the beach and get attention these days. I know this is true because I have seen guys of all shapes and sizes walking around in spandex and people are always staring at them. Now, some of those people are staring at the fat guy […]

Getting Hooked on Spandex Swimwear

  I have thought about wearing spandex swimwear for a while now. My first experience with such items was a couple years ago when I went on vacation with some friends of mine. We had gone abroad to some beaches that were supposed to be pretty lax about what you could wear and I started […]

Spandex Swimwear Ahead of its Time

  Wearing men’s spandex swimwear was never a big deal to me growing up. I have an aunt that lives in France and she was always sending me weird things in the mail to wear. Since the beaches in France are a little bit more relaxed on what guys can wear, she started sending me […]