Spandex Swimwear Make Great Gifts


There are a lot of people out there that know someone who is extremely hard to buy a gift for. I have found that one of the best things to get someone like this is a set of spandex swimwear. Now I know you are probably thinking that buying someone swimwear is probably not the best thing to do but you would be amazed at the kind of reactions you can get. I have a friend that is always telling people how hard it is to buy gifts for him and this tends to freak people out a lot. But I bought him some sexy swimwear and he loved them immediately.

Now you should probably know that not all people are going to enjoy having spandex swimwear given to them as a gift. Just imagine what your grandfather would say if you bought him some kind of spandex micro design. He probably wouldn’t even know what it was used for let alone that it was actually swimwear. But if you have a friend or family member that spends a lot of time out on the beach and is close to your own age than there is a good chance that they have already seen swimwear like this before.

Even if they haven’t seen spandex swimwear like this before it can still be a great gift to give someone. Once you explain to them what this swimwear is all about then they can get in the mood of trying to look their best while wearing them. They may not take them out to the beach very often, or at all, but they might like wearing them around the house while they are working out and that is something great too. Just go with your gut and pick out the swimwear that you think they would like the most. Even if they tell you that they don’t wear things like that you can pretty much guarantee that they are going to try them on when no one else is around.

Finding a Place to Wear Spandex Swimwear More Often


I love wearing spandex swimwear and wish that I lived in an area that had plenty of sun and warm temperatures. Unfortunately, I live in an area of the country that only has warm weather for a couple of months out of the year so I do not get the chance to wear them that often. Of course, I could wear them under my clothes, and I have been known to do that. But I do not feel the same if I cannot show them off to other people. I like to see people’s reactions to the swimwear I have on my body and I can only do that when people can actually see them. I suppose you can see that I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

I have thought about moving to warmer climates so that I can wear my spandex swimwear all the time, but that is not something I can do right now. Besides the lack of money or career options available to me, I cannot figure out where I would want to spend my days. I know it seems petty to some people reading this, but my swimwear is pretty much all I have in my life that truly makes me happy at the moment. Imagine how sad I look as I sit wearing my spandex in my living room while it is snowing outside and you will understand my situation.



Thankfully, I do get those couple of months to wear my spandex swimwear around so that I can be happy for a bit. The funny thing is that I am not the only one here that looks forward to showing off their spandex when those warm months do hit. There are plenty of other guys that live the same lifestyle that I do and I get to see them every summer walking around in their own swimwear designs. I find it amusing that in a place like this, there are so many guys wanting to wear their swimwear all year long. We should all just group together and find a way to move to a tropical climate.

Spandex Swimwear that Wows


Something that men desperately want to accomplish when the visit their favorite beaches and/or resort swimming pools is to capture that wow factor. Spandex swimwear for men does this in spades. Naturally, men are most successful in pulling off this type of swimsuit are the most who have taken the time and put in the effort to become as fit as possible. Spandex goes a long way to insure that all eyes are on the man wearing this very hot and sexy swimwear. Their eyes will be automatically drawn to the guys that are swaggering somewhat across the sand and that is exactly what the ultimate desire is. The only accessory that you might need in this situation is an excellent pair of sunglasses so that all of those people staring in awe at you will not see you looking back at them.


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The next thing that you might wonder is how you go about finding this spandex swimwear with a wow factor. That is the easiest question of all. With the introduction of the internet, people literally have hundreds of thousands of websites that offer mens specialty wear as well as swimsuits. Many of these swimsuits are made from spandex. So all you need to do is sit down at your leisure and peruse these different websites. There is no way that you will not find at least one swimsuit that you like, especially when it comes to those made from spandex. On the other hand, if you are not worried that you will run into someone you know while out shopping; you can choose to visit your local mall. That cuts out the waiting time for your swimsuit to arrive if you order it online.

Finally, when you are making your selections of spandex swimwear, you will understand just how wildly popular these swimsuits are. There will be many bestselling items for you to see. This will help you to discover just which styles of these swimsuits are being bought the most often. That might be a direction for you to start out in before simply flying by the seat of your pants. Nothing that you will ever do is going to be this easy. What is more; you will enjoy all of the journey that gets you to the end of the rainbow.

Spandex Swimwear: Bringing Friends Closer Together


I finally got to wear my spandex men’s swimwear for the first time out in public and it was amazing. I have had this swimwear for a few months but I was terrified to actually wear it out in front of strangers. I didn’t even want to wear it in front of people I knew for the first couple of weeks. I didn’t want them all laughing at me because of what I was wearing. If I didn’t think that my close friends could handle me wearing something like this then I knew that the general public wouldn’t accept it.


It took a bit of time for me to figure out how to work my spandex swimwear into a conversation with my friends so that I could show them what I had bought. I had worn them around the house numerous times so I knew that they fit perfectly and that I looked good in them but I still needed my friend’s approval for some reason. Yes I am not one of those guys that can’t just go out and do things without making sure his friends are willing to go along with it. I am a follower and not much of a leader and I have accepted that.

What was amazing is that three of my friends were already avid spandex swimwear wearers themselves but I had no idea. They loved the fact that I wanted to get involved in it and accepted me with open arms. We set a day that all of us would wear our swimwear to the beach and off we went. It was the best day ever for me and I had so much fun. I can’t wait to go out again with them and our spandex, which will be next week. I truly think this has brought us all a little bit closer together and that is always a good thing.




What Do You Know about Spandex Swimwear


Spandex swimwear is something that has been around for quite a long time whether you may have known about it or not. In fact, not only has it been available to the public for many years, but it has grown in popularity during that time. While not all men will admit that they are attached to swimsuits made from this fabric, there are many who will all but advertise that fact. These are the guys who really love spandex and try to find every garment imaginable made from it. There are some many reasons that these men feel that way that they are astonished that all men are not in love with spandex. They just do not understand how these men could not be in love with it, too.



Something else that many people do not know about spandex swimwear is just how comfortable it feels when sliding against the bare skin. This fabric is soft, smooth and breathes along with the skin. That is what makes it feel so nice. All anyone has to do to discover the joys of spandex is to slip into it just one time. That is seriously all it takes. From that moment on, another man will be converted into a lover of spandex. If you have any doubts about this, you should go ahead and give a try yourself. Once that special sensation of spandex caressing your skin, you will want to have nothing else on your body from that point on.

Obviously, spandex swimwear looks great and flatters most men who choose to wear it and that is one of the very best reasons to convert into a spandex wearing man. The swimwear created from spandex molds itself to your backside and gives it an extremely sexy appearance. It cannot be overlooked, either, that this swimwear also teases onlookers with the way it fits your package in the front of your swimsuit. It will have people giving you side glances the entire time that you spend at the beach. In fact, many people will simply stare at you full on without even trying to hide it. Now think about just how much fun that will be!


Finding the Ideal Spandex Swimwear


Finding the right spandex swimwear was a very difficult thing for me when I started this little quest of mine. You see, I have always been the type of guy that has to be the center of attention no matter what. I want people to notice me whenever I walk into a room so I usually have something distracting on that I am wearing. Most of the time, it’s a silly pair of shorts or something, but I have grown out of things like that over the last few years. I’m old enough now that I don’t need to wear a stupid cheese hat around in a restaurant to get attention anymore.


Once I noticed that you could buy spandex swimwear online and all the designs that were available, I knew I would be able to get all the attention I wanted by going to the beach. Before this, I was always trying on brightly colored trunks and stuff in the hopes that people would notice me. But now, I can mellow it down with the colors a bit, since I don’t really like loud colors at all, and focus on the designs of the swimwear I have on. This means I can get the attention and wear something extra sexy at the same time.

The only problem with all of this is the fact that the spandex swimwear that I want to wear to the beach isn’t allowed to be worn out in public. I have no problems whatsoever with showing off my cock and balls, but apparently there are people in the world that find it rude to do things like that. The swimwear that I want to wear shows things off quite well and I would probably end up being arrested if I took them out of the house. So you can see how difficult it is for me to find something sexy to wear to the beach next week. However, I am sure that I will find the perfect thing to set off my physique and gain positive attention.

Getting Hooked on Spandex Swimwear


I have thought about wearing spandex swimwear for a while now. My first experience with such items was a couple years ago when I went on vacation with some friends of mine. We had gone abroad to some beaches that were supposed to be pretty lax about what you could wear and I started seeing guys wearing these fancy little numbers. I wasn’t exactly sure what they were made from, but I liked the look of them and grew interested in learning more about them. Unfortunately, I was too shy to go up to any of these guys and ask them about their swimwear so I just kept silent about it.


I didn’t even let my friend know that I was interested in the spandex swimwear I was seeing on those beaches. But the entire time we were there, I wanted to find out as much information about them as I possibly could. That is when I started looking around online to see if I could find out anything. I had no idea what I was looking for at first, but I soon found out that the spandex designs looked more like the designs I was seeing on the beach.

After I got back home from vacation, I decided that I would buy some of the spandex swimwear I was looking at online to see if they would fit. Surprisingly, they fit quite well and I was very happy to be able to walk around my own house wearing something that I became interested in while on vacation. I really wanted to take them out to the beach or something, but I know my friend wouldn’t exactly go for something like that. Since he has always been my ride to the beach, I had to wait a bit before being able to introduce my hot new swimsuits at the beach. I have to say that I gleaned quite a bit of positive attention when I was finally able to put myself on display.