The Love of Spandex Swimwear

  When spandex swimwear was first introduced to the public, it took no time at all for men to become completely in love with it. All styles of swimwear were created using spandex including briefs, bikinis, micro swimsuits, thongs and G-strings. Men all over the world were flocking to these swimsuits made from spandex because […]

Why Men’s Spandex Swimwear is So Popular

  Men’s spandex swimwear has risen in popularity quite a lot over the last several years. There were those guys who understood almost immediately why swimsuits made from this material is amazing and they led the pack in helping this swimwear skyrocket to the top of the lists of favorite all time swimsuits for men. […]

Spandex Swimwear is Perfect

  When men are shopping for that new swimsuit, it should be noted that spandex swimwear is the perfect type to target. Not only does spandex flatter most body types but it is also an extremely comfortable material. It fits the body much like a second skin as it breathes with you. Many men have […]

Spandex Swimwear that Wows

  Something that men desperately want to accomplish when the visit their favorite beaches and/or resort swimming pools is to capture that wow factor. Spandex swimwear for men does this in spades. Naturally, men are most successful in pulling off this type of swimsuit are the most who have taken the time and put in […]

Spandex Swimwear for All Men

  If you are a man who enjoys warm climates, beaches and other swimming venues, spandex swimwear is what you should be shopping for when it comes time to head out for some fun in the sun and surf. The reason you need to target this particular swimwear is because of its versatility, endurance, and […]

I Wear Spandex Swimwear for the Attention

  When it comes to wearing spandex swimwear, I have a problem. I love my spandex so much that I cannot just wear something simple to the beach and enjoy my day in the sun. I have to wear something so outrageous and attention grabbing that everyone in my vicinity has to turn their heads […]

Spandex Swimwear Cured My Depression

  There is nothing better than wearing spandex swimwear out on the beach for me. I used to be one of those guys that never went out in public in anything other than baggy clothing because of my size. I was so big at one point I had to turn sideways just to make it […]

The Wonderful Invention of Spandex Swimwear

The Wonderful Invention of Spandex Swimwear I love the fact that spandex swimwear fits so snuggly to my body. I used to wear those over-sized trunks when I was younger and always had a problem feeling comfortable in them. Now, however, spandex designs fit so snuggly that I almost feel like I am walking around […]

Spandex Swimwear: Bringing Friends Closer Together

  I finally got to wear my spandex men’s swimwear for the first time out in public and it was amazing. I have had this swimwear for a few months but I was terrified to actually wear it out in front of strangers. I didn’t even want to wear it in front of people I knew […]

The Popularity Of Spandex Swimwear

  A lot of guys are moving over to spandex swimwear at the beach that I go to the most. I started to notice this move in fashion a couple of years ago. At first it was only a couple of guys here and there wearing spandex but now I can’t turn my head without […]