Loving My Spandex Swimwear


I love wearing spandex swimwear but there are a few times when I would prefer seeing it on someone else. I have moments in my life when all I want to do is sit back and watch all those sexy guys walking down the beach showing off their bodies while I conform to the rest of the crowd around me, unnoticed. Granted, days like that don’t come around very often for me but, when they do, I just have to go out and see if there are any new designs being worn on the beach.

Of course, when I am not out looking at other guys wearing spandex swimwear I am wearing it myself. There is something about the feeling of spandex against my skin that makes me wish I could be a beach bum for the rest of my life. Admittedly, I wouldn’t be able to afford all the great things I have in my life right now, but being able to wear nothing except my spandex would make it all worth it. I am sure that I would get bored with that life after a while, though, and that would probably make me bored of wearing my spandex, which is something that I never want to be.


Maybe I could convince some of my friends to start wearing spandex swimwear more often so that we could all hang out together as beach bums. I know they wouldn’t be too comfortable with living that type of lifestyle, but it would be fun to see their reactions when I told them that is what I wanted to do. Oh well, for now I will simply go to the beach whenever I feel like it and show off my swimwear or watch other guys showing off their swimwear all the time. Either way, I am happy that these spandex designs are so popular these days. It makes my life just a little bit more enjoyable.

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