Enjoy Wearing Spandex Swimwear


There are a lot of different spandex swimwear options for guys these days and picking out the right one for you might be a little challenging at times. You will eventually see one that you really want to try out but you will keep thinking that you might not look as good in it as you think you do. All those pictures of sexy men wearing them online probably will not help out that much, either. After all, you know you do not look like a model. But don’t let that kind of thinking stop you from enjoying your life. Besides, who actually does look like a model?

I would say that you should just pick out one of the most basic spandex swimwear designs that you can find and buy it. Put it on and look at yourself in a full length mirror so that you can get a better idea of what you are going to look like while wearing all those other designs. That is exactly what I did and I have found that I look pretty good in just about any of the designs that I see online. Granted, there are a handful of designs that I know I will not look good in and I do my best to not buy those until I can figure out a way to get my body in better shape.


Do not let anyone else tell you that you cannot wear spandex swimwear. You need to spend your time making yourself happy and, if wearing something like this makes you smile, then more power to you. You might find people that will not like the fact that you are wearing spandex but it’s not like they are being forced to watch you walk down the beach. As long as you are not wearing something that is considered too erotic for public viewing, then it is their problem and they are going to have to get over it.

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