Spandex Swimwear for All Men


If you are a man who enjoys warm climates, beaches and other swimming venues, spandex swimwear is what you should be shopping for when it comes time to head out for some fun in the sun and surf. The reason you need to target this particular swimwear is because of its versatility, endurance, and easy to care for qualities. Spandex also has the added benefit of flattering nearly any body type. It sort of molds itself to your body and takes on the physical shape of it. Even if you do not have the best body in the world, the spandex can hide a few flaws that will keep you looking pretty good in that swimsuit.


Once you begin shopping for new swimsuits, spandex swimwear is the way you want to go. If your local shops and stores do not carry what you like; there is always the internet. In fact, this is where you will most likely find many more selections to choose from, especially when you are searching for spandex. Most of the highest quality websites that carry mens swimsuits will have all of the spandex choices that you could possibly want. Not only that, but you will be able to shop from the privacy of your own home without the constant interruption from sales associates. At any rate, when you choose spandex, you are going to be very happy that you decided to do so.

Spandex swimwear is something that has become one of the most popular among swimsuits for men as well as for women. You should take your self-confidence by the horns and take a chance on a swimsuit made from spandex. From the first moment that you see yourself wearing a swimsuit created from spandex, you will be sold on wearing nothing else when you go to the beach. Nothing will make you feel as if you are the King of the Beach like spandex and the faster you try it out; the faster you will enjoy some new attention.

I Wear Spandex Swimwear for the Attention


When it comes to wearing spandex swimwear, I have a problem. I love my spandex so much that I cannot just wear something simple to the beach and enjoy my day in the sun. I have to wear something so outrageous and attention grabbing that everyone in my vicinity has to turn their heads and look at me. My friends all call me an attention whore and I am perfectly okay with that. I proudly don the mantle of attention whore and would tattoo it across my forehead if it got me even more attention than I already get.

The only bad thing about any of this is that I have to constantly be on the lookout for even crazier spandex swimwear. I have to spend a lot of time online looking for designs that most people would never wear in public. I always have to stay a couple of steps ahead of everyone else in order to keep the attention focused on me and that is starting to wear me down a bit. I am getting to the point where I think people are running out of design ideas as far as this type of swimwear is concerned and that is something that I simply cannot live with.

I guess I am going to have to cycle back through some of my earlier spandex swimwear until some new designs start coming out again. Either that or I am going to have to start wearing designs that will probably get me into a lot of trouble by wearing them out in public. I love attention but I don’t want to get banned from the beach or arrested for wearing something inappropriate. I just want to go out and have some fun while I can in this life and make sure everyone around me sees just how much fun I am having. Now that I think on it; I probably do not have to have brand new designs all the time to accomplish that.