Spandex Swimwear Cured My Depression

  There is nothing better than wearing spandex swimwear out on the beach for me. I used to be one of those guys that never went out in public in anything other than baggy clothing because of my size. I was so big at one point I had to turn sideways just to make it […]

The Wonderful Invention of Spandex Swimwear

The Wonderful Invention of Spandex Swimwear I love the fact that spandex swimwear fits so snuggly to my body. I used to wear those over-sized trunks when I was younger and always had a problem feeling comfortable in them. Now, however, spandex designs fit so snuggly that I almost feel like I am walking around […]

Spandex Swimwear: Bringing Friends Closer Together

  I finally got to wear my spandex men’s swimwear for the first time out in public and it was amazing. I have had this swimwear for a few months but I was terrified to actually wear it out in front of strangers. I didn’t even want to wear it in front of people I knew […]

The Popularity Of Spandex Swimwear

  A lot of guys are moving over to spandex swimwear at the beach that I go to the most. I started to notice this move in fashion a couple of years ago. At first it was only a couple of guys here and there wearing spandex but now I can’t turn my head without […]

Amazing Spandex Swimwear

  Most of the spandex swimwear that I see online is amazing, but I do not know if they are going to fit me or not. I really want to try some of them but I do not want to spend money on something that is not going to fit right. I would feel like […]

Spandex Swimwear for All Men

  If you are a man who is trying to find something a little different to wear at the beach this year, you should look into spandex swimwear. This fabulous material is like nothing that you will ever feel against your bare skin. It also does a bit of clinging to your body so that […]

Mens Spandex Swimwear Advantages

  If you are looking for something special to wear to the beach this summer, then you should be checking out the latest designs in mens spandex swimwear. If you have never worn spandex in the past, then you are going to be in for a huge treat. Not only do these designs make you […]

Spandex Swimwear

  There is nothing better in life than finding that perfect spandex swimwear design as far as I am concerned. I have made it a goal in my life to find that certain design that makes me want to give up wearing any other types of clothing for the rest of my life. Or at […]