Feel Like a Super Hero in Spandex Swimwear


Whenever I am wearing my spandex swimwear, I feel like I can take on the world all by myself, and win. There is something about them that makes me feel like a super hero and I don’t think it is just the material they are made from that gives me that attitude. Now, if they could only give me superhuman powers, then I think my life would be complete. But as long as I am able to wear them, I will still feel like I am making some kind of difference in this world. I know that sounds extremely corny but that is how I feel most of the time.


I love being able to cause someone to smile just because they see me in my men’s spandex swimwear. Making people feel good is something that I have always been drawn to in my life and my swimwear has the tendency to that most of the time. Sure, there are a few uptight people in this world that don’t think I should be wearing things like this out in public. But there are a lot more people out there that seem to really enjoy the fact that I am wearing my spandex just for them. There will always be those people with minds that are so closed that they belong back in the 1600s but I refuse to allow them to take the fun away from what I am doing.

I would like to tell them that I am not wearing my spandex swimwear just for them, but as long as they are happy I will let them believe whatever they want to. I just find it amazing that we live in a time that allows guys like me to wear things like this out in public. It makes me wonder what the future of spandex is going to be and just how much it will change in the next few years. Maybe I will look back on these days and feel the same way as I do now when I think about all the things I used to wear in the 80’s when I was just a simple minded teenager.

Spandex Swimwear and extreme micro suits for men.


It seems like many of the companies that offer spandex swimwear for men are going super micro for the next season. Even the spandex swimwear shorts I have seen released for the cruise season have been super small with very extreme bulge pouches. Tiny bikinis, little thongs and barely there G-strings were very popular this last summer and show no sign of letting up. I just received a sneak peek at Koalaswim.com line of new swimsuits and they are form fitting tiny little designs created to show off a man’s body. Even their shorts show more cheek than most men will be used to wearing but I do think showing skin is going to be big this next season. Some of the more interesting new styles of spandex swimwear for men are the male to female transformation designs.  Male to female transformation has been gigantic all over the media world this last year and shows no sign of slowing down. Koala offers a full line of male to female transformation swimwear styles. They are available in bikinis, thongs and short shorts. I talked to their head designer Michael David and asked why these new styles were so popular. The response was that they are being purchased by a wide variety of men. Yes are core are transsexuals states Michael David but in addition there are many straight men, gay men, bisexual men who are extremely interested in exploring their feminine side and not necessarily interested in becoming female but just experimenting with the look and the emotions that follow.


See all their latest designs Men’s Swimwear


Spandex swimwear fun for men


Spandex swimwear for men entails almost as many styles and designs as what you see for women. There are wonderful choices when it comes to men’s spandex swimwear. Bikinis in many shapes and sizes from Speedo style swimsuits down to absolute micro bikinis that barely cover a thing along with almost every shape and size in between. Thongs are now a very popular choice with more men than ever showing a lot of exposed ass at the beach. G-strings are for the most outgoing men, men who are confident about their bodies and their sexuality. G-strings are the smallest swimsuits that still have a waistband (there are designs that are only pouches and thought they all are considered spandex swimwear they are almost too extreme for anything but the most liberal beaches)  G-strings for men are almost exactly like what you see the girls wearing which is virtually no rear coverage and a small triangle in front. That triangle for men has a pouch that will just barely cover the penis with almost all G-string designs for men will require you to be completely shaved.  Most men are fine with that because most spandex swimwear designs look best if you are hairless down there.  One of the newest classes of swimwear designs made of spandex are the micro shorts. These are little spandex shorts similar to what women wear for volley bay but in many cases smaller with integrated pouches in front and cuts in the rear to show off some to quite a bit of cheek.  These shorts are no only great for the beach and pool but are awesome as sexy work out wear too.


No models today just me in a very extreme Koalaswim.com design


The Comfort of Spandex Swimwear


Most of the spandex swimwear that I have tried out over the years has completely blown my mind. Now there have been a couple of designs that felt a bit awkward when I first put them on, but that is mainly because the designs were a bit more risqué than what I was used to wearing. The good thing is that those designs became much more comfortable for me the longer I wore them. Now I can wear those designs without any issues and feel that they are just as sexy as I think they looked when I first saw them online.

I have a couple of different spandex swimwear designs that I like to take out to the beach and a couple of others that I prefer to wear around my own pool. The ones that I take out to the beach are comfortable for me to wear and most of the people watching me as I stroll across the sand don’t have any issues with seeing me in them. The ones that I wear around my own pool are a bit too sexy to be wearing out in public and still feel comfortable in; at least for me anyway. I am sure there are other guys in the world that would wear them and have no issues in public. I am simply just not out to offend anyone so I keep the sexier ones to myself.

Koala new suits 2013 007

For anyone that is thinking about wearing spandex swimwear for the first time; I will tell you that it feels a lot different from regular swimwear that you have probably been wearing for most of your life. The spandex fits much tighter than most fabrics, which can be unnerving for some people. I, on the other hand, find that it is more comfortable to have that kind of fit especially if you are planning on spending a lot of time getting in and out of water throughout the day. I would suggest trying your first pair on around the house for a few days so that you can get used to the way they feel, though. That will give you a chance to adjust to them before others see you walking around in them.