Feel Like a Super Hero in Spandex Swimwear

  Whenever I am wearing my spandex swimwear, I feel like I can take on the world all by myself, and win. There is something about them that makes me feel like a super hero and I don’t think it is just the material they are made from that gives me that attitude. Now, if […]

Spandex Swimwear and extreme micro suits for men.

  It seems like many of the companies that offer spandex swimwear for men are going super micro for the next season. Even the spandex swimwear shorts I have seen released for the cruise season have been super small with very extreme bulge pouches. Tiny bikinis, little thongs and barely there G-strings were very popular […]

Spandex swimwear fun for men

  Spandex swimwear for men entails almost as many styles and designs as what you see for women. There are wonderful choices when it comes to men’s spandex swimwear. Bikinis in many shapes and sizes from Speedo style swimsuits down to absolute micro bikinis that barely cover a thing along with almost every shape and […]

The Comfort of Spandex Swimwear

  Most of the spandex swimwear that I have tried out over the years has completely blown my mind. Now there have been a couple of designs that felt a bit awkward when I first put them on, but that is mainly because the designs were a bit more risqué than what I was used […]