Spandex Swimwear Ahead of its Time


Wearing men’s spandex swimwear was never a big deal to me growing up. I have an aunt that lives in France and she was always sending me weird things in the mail to wear. Since the beaches in France are a little bit more relaxed on what guys can wear, she started sending me these swimsuits made from spandex and telling me that all the guys over there were wearing them so I should wear them, too. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my aunt because she was sending a ten year old strange swimwear in the mail.

As it turns out, the spandex swimwear she was sending me back then are the same designs that guys are wearing here now. It is almost like she was seeing into the future or something and knew that there would be a time when guys my age would be wearing the same swimwear that she was seeing in France. I am glad that I kept them, even though I never wore any of them out in public. I tried showing my friends once and they all laughed at me, but I would wear them around the house all the time and everyone in the family thought they were great.

No models today just me wearing micro spandex swimwear


Now I am an adult and wearing spandex swimwear is like a second skin to me. I take them out to the beach every time I go and even my oldest friends have started wearing them. They don’t laugh at me anymore and a couple of them have actually apologized for giving me a hard time when we were younger. They realized that my swimwear was ahead of its time back then and now they ask me if my aunt has sent anything else that might be popular in a few years. I find it all rather amusing myself.


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