The Unique Experience of Spandex Swimwear



If you haven’t been wearing spandex swimwear, then you are missing out on a truly unique experience. There is no reason for any guy to come up and ask another guy what kind of swimwear he has on, either. I know that it happens a lot to people. Hell it happens to me, too, but everyone should already know that they are made from spandex. This has been one of the biggest trends in swimwear fashion for a while now and people should already know that they are wearing spandex. Of course there are those people that live under rocks that have no idea what they are looking at, I guess.

My spandex swimwear has been something that I have been very pleased with ever since I first started wearing them. I will admit that they were a bit uncomfortable the first time I put them on, but that is only because I wasn’t used to the constricting aspect of the material. I’m one of those guys that enjoy wearing loose fitting clothing for the freedom it offers. But once you get used to the way spandex fits, you will be amazed at how comfortable they truly are.


I would suggest that you don’t take the sexy spandex men’s swimwear out to the beach until you know how people are going to deal with it. I have been witness to the way people react when they see something that they don’t quite like on another person, and it wasn’t pretty at all. I knew then that all my special designs were going to have to wait to be viewed out in public, which is okay with me. I felt a little awkward thinking about wearing them to the beach anyway since they do show off a bit more than I am comfortable showing. But I get to wear them other places, so there is that. Actually, I do believe that I will always find a place to wear my spandex no matter what.

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