Spandex Swimwear is Not Meant for Out of Shape People


I love spandex swimwear, but there are a lot of people that have taken this fascinating aspect of life too far. I’m not talking about all the sexy men and women out there wearing something that is a tad bit revealing or anything. I’m talking about those people that should truly reconsider wearing tight fitting clothing. You know who I mean; those people that should really look into buying more muumuu’s to wear in public. These are the people that are constantly telling me what I need to wear in public but never think about covering up with a large tarp to keep other people’s eyes from bleeding.

I know that saying things like this isn’t nice, but if you have ever seen a four hundred pound woman wearing spandex swimwear on the beach; you will understand. In a day and age when everyone is getting butt hurt about something being said, I feel that it is about time we own our offensive attitudes. The more people that come out and start telling these people that they shouldn’t be wearing things like this the more they will end up being in the minority and will have to start changing.

Now if they want to wear their spandex men’s swimwear in public; that is perfectly fine by me. They could start working out and getting their bodies into decent shape before heading out to the beach. Or they could just stop staring at me like I am the last pork chop on the buffet table and get on with their own lives. I don’t need Orca telling me that I am not wearing enough clothing to cover up my body when they can’t find enough material in a clothing warehouse to cover up their flab. Maybe this has turned out to be a bit harsher than I should have made it but that is how I feel. Actually, if you took a poll on this, I am willing to bet there are plenty of other people who will agree with me.

The Next Big Thing; Spandex Swimwear


If you are looking for something interesting to wear to the beach, then why not try spandex swimwear? These things have been around for a few years and people that are wearing them love them. Some people don’t understand that you can buy swimwear made from spandex, though, and those are the people that we need to focus all of our attention on. If they knew that spandex was available, they would surly go out and buy some for themselves. If they didn’t want to own any, then there would have to be something wrong with the in my opinion.

I simply cannot imagine a world where spandex swimwear didn’t exist. In fact, if something like that did exist I certainly wouldn’t want to live there. I would rather have a life where I could only wear my swimwear once a year than be able to wear swimwear every single day but no spandex. It just wouldn’t be the same to me; not after having worn spandex like this for so long. I actually had a friend offer me a thousand dollars to go an entire summer without wearing spandex. I made it almost one week before I gave in to my needs and slipped my spandex on to go to the beach. I didn’t care, either, that I was losing out on $1,000.



It is only a matter of time before men’s spandex swimwear becomes the next big craze in fashion and I will be waiting at the front of the line when that happens. I love wearing them every chance I get no matter what anyone else might think about it. I feel that if these people that don’t like the look of my spandex would just try some on they would finally be able to understand why guys like me choose to wear them. Of course they will always have some kind of argument to throw about as to why they refuse to wear them. Maybe they should worry about themselves more and let us wear our spandex if that is what makes us happy. If they tried it for themselves, they might find that it makes them happy as well.

Relaxing in my Spandex Swimwear


One of the best reasons that I have found for wearing men’s spandex swimwear is the comfort. I know that wearing something of this nature for the first time will seem a bit awkward since it does fit tightly in certain areas, but you will get used to it. After a small amount of time, you will find the comfort that I have found in everything that I have ever worn made from spandex. After that, you will not want to wear anything else for the rest of your life. Too bad life wasn’t that easy, though.

If I had the opportunity to wear nothing except my spandex swimwear all the time, I know I would jump at it. I have no idea what kind of job I would be doing to allow me the opportunity to wear nothing other than my swimwear, but I am sure that I could be happy with it. Just the thought of living my life while wearing only my swimwear is making me want to head out to the beach right now. I don’t even care that it is dark and there probably wouldn’t be anyone else out there. I would still get the chance to wear my swimwear.


I have even started wearing my spandex swimwear around the house after I get home from work. I know it sounds funny but being able to sit back in my recliner while wearing my swimwear has been a treat that I look forward to every night now. It probably wouldn’t sound so sad if I was wearing them out in public I guess but, sometimes, you just need to sit back and take a breath. I would just wear them under my pants at work but I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t get any work done if I did something like that. I would be too comfortable to focus on anything at hand and that would just get me fired. Of course, then I could stay home all the time and wear my spandex.