Spandex Swimwear to Get Attention


It has come to my attention that there are guys wandering around on the beach wearing these funky spandex swimwear things and everyone is oohing and awing over them. I don’t know if I can’t even tell you what I think about guys wearing things like this. Mainly because I haven’t actually seen any guys wearing them on the beach just yet, but I am sure they are there. I can just imagine them walking around, strutting their bodies in ways that men shouldn’t be doing with their tight little spandex items on.

I know there are a lot of people that think wearing spandex swimwear is the new thing to hit fashion. But is it really fashion when you are walking around in something that tight? Does it make you feel like a real man knowing that everyone around you is going to be seeing what you have between your legs all the time? Every step you take will be shifting your package back and forth making you look like some kind of seductive freak out trolling for sex. I just don’t think guys should be able to do that in public. At least not unless I can see it first.


Maybe I should just give it up and buy some of these spandex men’s swimwear things to see what I can expect on the beach these days. It might be that wearing something all tight and sexy will make me change my mind about what men should or shouldn’t be wearing. Actually, the image that I have in my mind makes me think that I will look rather sexy in something of this nature and that all eyes will be on me and my package while I am walking down that beach. It is definitely time that I try something like this out because if I look half as sexy as my imagination thinks I will, then I will be the talk of the town for years to come.

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