Spandex Swimwear


I do believe that there are a few spandex swimwear designs on the market that should probably stay in the privacy of the bedroom for most guys. But there are a lot more of them that should be shared with the rest of the world. Those are the designs that I love taking out to the beach so that people can see there are other things to wear besides the same old boring designs. You can enjoy the sun all you want in your funky trunks but, to get a real tan; you have to be wearing something like the swimwear I have.

I know there are some people that don’t really care about how good their tan turns out. These are the same people that swear they wouldn’t ever be caught dead wearing spandex swimwear. They just don’t understand what it is like to have the perfect tan is all. If they ever actually decided to wear something like this once in a while and saw the kind of tan they could be getting they would definitely change their mind. Then you would end up seeing nothing except spandex every time you went out to the beach. That is something I am working on with all my heart as I love this fascinating material. I have total faith that it will happen one day.


While seeing everyone wearing spandex men’s swimwear would be great, deep in my heart I kind of like the fact that they don’t just yet. I enjoy the attention that I get while wearing my spandex in front of people that have never seen anything like it before. You would think that more and more people would be willing to gain this kind of attention but so far it is usually just me on the beach in my spandex. I have seen a couple of other guys wearing them once in a while but not near as many as I would assume to be out there.


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