Searching for Ways to Enjoy my Spandex Swimwear


I love wearing spandex swimwear although I don’t have the time to truly enjoy them anymore. I work so many hours that getting the chance to go to the beach has dropped to almost nil. I used to go out every weekend and sit in the sun getting a good tan but, now, I hardly ever see the sun anymore. I have thought about hitting up a tanning salon, but I don’t think those places are all that safe anymore. The sad thing is that I have just purchased a couple of new spandex items that I really want to take on a test run.

I have thought about just wearing them around the house, but I truly like taking my spandex swimwear out in the sun. I feel so much more alive when I am walking around in the sun wearing something like this than I do sitting around in my own home. Of course, having people looking at me when I am sitting there in my spandex is something I like as well. I don’t get a lot of people staring at me and smiling when I am sitting in my home all alone unless I am entertaining for the day.

I even thought about wearing my spandex swimwear under my clothes while I was working, but I don’t think that would work out very well. I know some guys think they are extremely comfortable wearing them like that, but all I would be able to think about all day would be stripping out of my clothes. I don’t think I would get all that much done if I was constantly trying to devise a way of taking my clothes off without getting fired. So it is probably a better idea if I just leave wearing my spandex for when I have the time to go out to the beach. At least I can sit and remember what it was like the last time I went out to the beach in them. Of course, I could always consider changing jobs so that I would have more time on the beach.

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