Taking a Chance on Something Such As Spandex Swimwear


Most of the men’s spandex swimwear that you see on the beaches today is a direct result of a designer deciding to take a different approach to swimwear. They got tired of looking at the same old swimwear designs that have been around for decades and realized that spandex was a material that could be used to change the world. They knew instantly that people would either hate it completely or fall madly in love with it, and that was the beginning of a fashion trend that has started a revolution on the beaches of the world.


Sorry no models today just me in a tiny spandex swimsuit

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It seems like every beach you can go to you will find men wearing spandex swimwear in public. Sure, you might not see all that many at first but, if you spend enough time on any beach, you will see that more and more spandex designs are being shown off. Guys are starting to realize that this material makes the most comfortable swimwear ever imagined. But don’t take my word for it. Jump online and take a look at some of the designs that are available these days. Pick something out that you normally wouldn’t wear and try them on for a bit. This swimwear will prove itself to you almost immediately.

Looking for new swimwear to take on vacation can be a hassle for most guys. They never stop to think that spandex swimwear is the way to go but, instead, they will end up buying something off the rack at a retail store. That might be perfectly okay for some, but you really don’t want to walk out onto the beach and look just like everyone else. So take a different approach to your swimwear, much like those early designers out there, and buy something made form spandex. You definitely won’t regret your decision in changing some things up and the people on the beach will be happy to see you bringing change into their life as well.


Erotic Spandex Swimwear Designs


A few of the spandex men’s swimwear designs that I have purchased over the years have been too erotic to take out in public. The funny thing is that I got so excited when I saw them online that I didn’t pay any attention to the designs and whether or not I could take them to the beach. I just saw how great the swimwear looked and wanted to own them. Of course once I got them in the mail I saw that I would probably get into a bit of trouble taking them out in public and had to rethink what I was going to do with them.

Since I wasn’t able to wear these particular spandex swimwear designs in public but still wanted to show them off to my friends, I started having pool parties at my house. I told everyone that I invited to find the most inappropriate swimwear you could imagine and wear them to my parties. We would have a special contest for the most erotic and sexiest swimwear and the winners would end up with a special gift at the end of the night. I didn’t think all that many people would show up and play along, but I was greatly surprised.

My first private spandex swimwear party had thirty people show up and most of them were wearing items that were way more erotic than what I had on. In fact, I had to go online and purchase a few new designs before the next party that I threw because I felt like I was being left out of all the fun. You know it’s bad when you try to throw a sexy swimwear party and you end up looking like you are walking around in jeans and a t-shirt. I may not win any contest, but I have done my part to find some really sexy swimwear and I get to show them off to everyone at the parties I throw. I have also provided a way for others to show off their extremely erotic swimwear with no repercussions.


The Evolution of Spandex Swimwear


Men’s spandex swimwear has come a very long way over the last few years from what I can see. There was a time when you couldn’t even buy swimwear that was made from spandex unless it was something to do with diving. Now, you can buy all kinds of spandex designs for everything from sun bathing to actual swimming and everything in between. You just have to decide before hand what it is you want your swimwear for and find the right styles accordingly, which is always one of my favorite things to do when I have time.

I love looking through all of the spandex swimwear designs that are available online and trying to figure out how I would wear each and every one that I see. I let my imagination go wild for some of them before I realize that I would never be able to do half of the things I think I would be doing while wearing them. I usually settle for something that I can wear on the beach or around my own pool and I am happy with those decisions. I do have a couple just in case I get invited to another private pool party, though.


It doesn’t matter what you are doing with your free time. There is going to be a spandex swimwear design that you can wear to enjoy it even more. All those times you felt out of place on the beach or those few moments when you wished that people were paying more attention to you at a party can be achieved with this type of swimwear. You just have to have the willpower to try them on and walk out there with them. Don’t worry about what everyone might be thinking about the way you look, either. Do this because it is something that you really want to do and feel happy knowing that you are living your own life the way you want to live it.

The Attitude Changes of Spandex Swimwear


Having been involved with spandex swimwear for a very long time, I find it amazing that guys are starting to take this fashion seriously now. It used to be that you couldn’t walk out in public wearing anything made from spandex without getting a lot of flak for it. Everyone seemed to think that there was something wrong with you if you wanted to express yourself in a manner that wasn’t conventional to them. Nowadays, these people are the same ones that have started wearing spandex out to the beach. I find it great that the world is finally opening up to different styles of swimwear for men at long last.

I will admit that I have seen some spandex swimwear out on the beach that probably shouldn’t be shown off in public. I’m not saying that the guys didn’t look good in what they were wearing. It is just there are certain designs that I don’t think the public is quite ready for yet. Those are the designs I wear around my own home or to private pool parties where everyone else is trying to outdo each other by wearing the sexiest possible swimwear ever. Those are really fun parties and, if you ever get invited, you should definitely attend.


If you are looking to wear some new men’s spandex swimwear designs for the first time ever, then you should pick out something that is a bit common place first. Once you get used to the way that design fits, then you can move on to something a bit more aggressive in nature. Just don’t try to wear anything that you know will get you into trouble out in public. Save those designs for special occasions and parties that will get you the attention that you truly deserve for wearing them. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t get mad when you are asked to leave or put on something over them. That is what you can avoid by checking with the dress code first.

Starting a New Trend with Spandex Swimwear


I love wearing swimwear to the beach but I have found that I like wearing my spandex swimwear even when I’m not going to the beach. I have some that actually look like shorts, although they are much tighter than regular shorts. I love wearing them to the park just to hang out for the day. Thankfully, no one has said anything to me about them so I haven’t gotten into trouble just yet. I had a friend that tried wearing his spandex items to the park and he was told to leave and put something more respectable on. Of course his items were a bit risky to wear in public anyway.

Even if you don’t live anywhere near a beach, spandex swimwear is definitely something that you are going to want to have in your closet. You never know when you might be invited over to a pool party at a friend’s house and you will want to show up in something sexy. I get invited to a pool party at least once a month, sometimes more, and I am always the talk of the town for the swimwear I wear.


I love my men’s spandex swimwear and would gladly give up every other bit of clothing I had if forced to do so. As long as I could still wear my spandex it wouldn’t matter at all to me if I didn’t have anything else to wear. I would even try to get into one of those fancy restaurants with my spandex. I probably wouldn’t make it too far past the door, but everyone in that place would see a guy wearing the sexiest swimwear ever created. Maybe I could start a trend with restaurants that cater to guys in sexy swimwear on a global level. Yeah, that probably wouldn’t ever happen, but if you are going to dream you might as well dream big, right?

Choosing the Best Spandex Swimwear


It takes a special type of guy to wear men’s spandex swimwear in public. Well, maybe not those designs that are generally traditional in nature but only made from spandex. Most people aren’t even aware that they are made from this wonderful material and probably wouldn’t pay any attention to them unless I wore a sign that said they were made from spandex. It really is funny that more people aren’t aware that spandex is such a versatile material and can be made into almost anything that your heart might desire. Just think of where spandex will be in the next twenty years.

I love the look and feel of spandex swimwear as it is one of the most comfortable materials ever created. When you consider the fact that, once you get used to it; it feels like you are completely naked, then you have a winning swimwear design no matter what it might look like. I only hope that I can pick something out that gives me that feeling and I look good in it. I would hate to feel like I was naked and no one liked looking at me. That would be rather annoying for me after all the time I spent looking for it.


I am sure that there is spandex swimwear that I can buy that I shouldn’t be wearing in public but I probably won’t be looking on sites like that. I want to show my new swimwear off to as many people as I can find and that means finding something that everyone will accept no matter what. Once I find that all-encompassing swimwear, though, I will have to spend some time in the gym to make sure my body looks as good as humanly possible. Then, I will take them out to the beach and see what everyone out there has to say about them.

Spandex Swimwear is the Best Choice


When you are starting to shop around for your new swimsuits, you should keep spandex swimwear in mind. This is the type of swimsuit that works on so many levels that you will not ever want to wear cotton or polyester swimwear again. The material always fits in a flattering fashion and the sensation of wearing it compares to no other fabric in existence. All it takes is one time of slipping a swimsuit made from spandex onto your body and you will become an instant fan. After that, nothing will work for you when it comes to swimwear other than spandex.


Many people wonder what it is about this magnificent material that captures and holds men in its thrall. Most fans of spandex swimwear rarely try to explain the many sensations that they experience when they are wearing a swimsuit made of spandex. They simply point the people that are curious enough to ask about it in the direction of a location where they can purchase their own. That is, after all, the best way to understand why spandex is the best choice when it comes to swimwear, under garments, and workout clothes. If you don’t wear it, how can you possibly comprehend what all the fuss is about? You would only be guessing, otherwise, and that is certainly not the ideal way to test this fabric.

Something else to be said about men’s spandex swimwear is that it can be crafted into some of the most erotic swimsuits anyone has ever seen. Spandex is flexible and elegant looking, which allows for it to be molded into any shape or design that is desired. That may be the very reason that many designers turn to spandex when they are putting together a new style of swimsuit. At any rate, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t at least give this type of swimwear a try.

You First Spandex Swimwear


There are so many different styles of spandex swimwear on the market that it might be a bit confusing as to what you should buy for your first pair. I would suggest going with something fairly common for your inaugural pair just so you can get comfortable with the way spandex fits. There are a lot of erotic or sexy designs that you can find to choose from, but putting them on and feeling comfortable in public with them can be rough. I know from experience that some people aren’t as open minded about sexy spandex designs and they will usually let you know quickly.


The first spandex swimwear that I bought was rather sexy and I was excited to take it out and show if off. Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly used to wearing something of this nature and walking around in public definitely showed that. I felt like I was on display for the entire world to laugh at, which is not a good feeling to have. Especially when you are trying to be as sexy as you possibly can. Of course, I have learned from that experience and grown from it as well. Now I actually do look sexy in my spandex and that is all I wanted from the beginning.

Take the time to feel out your men’s spandex swimwear and see how it will fit on your body before heading to the beach. Buying common designs will help you do this a lot faster than those sexier designs that you really want to wear, though. You may not like the common designs since everyone else is also wearing them, but they are a great way for you to learn how spandex fits. If you do things the right way, it won’t be very long before you can take those sexy designs of yours out in public and really show the world what you are made of.

Taking to the Public in Spandex Swimwear


Spandex swimwear is the way of the future as far as I am concerned. I know there are a lot of different designs available on the market, but I think having those designs made from spandex is going to be the next big thing in fashion. This is one of the most versatile materials on the planet as far as I am concerned, and I think more things should be done with it. I know that there are plenty of swimwear designs on the market already that utilize this material, but I see a future when spandex is the only material being used.


I love wearing my men’s spandex swimwear even to places that I probably shouldn’t be wearing them. I went to the library once in nothing except a swimsuit made from spandex. While I didn’t really get to look at too many books, I was given plenty of compliments about what I was wearing before being escorted back outside again. I wasn’t upset since I knew ahead of time that I probably wouldn’t get too far with my little stunt. But it was good to see that there were people that liked what I was wearing regardless of what others may have thought.

This is why I think spandex swimwear is going to be the biggest thing since the invention of pants. It won’t be too long before everyone around the world is wearing this kind of swimwear and no one will ever see anything wrong with it again. Now is definitely the right time for this type of change to start happening, too. A lot of people are starting to show the world who they really are on the inside, and others are starting to take notice. There is no reason to hide in our homes anymore when we could be out in public making people see us with their own eyes.