Shopping for Unique Spandex Swimwear


As spandex swimwear is so commonplace these days, it is difficult to find unique swimsuits that will get the attention from others. Guys are always looking for some way to turn the tables and gather as much attention as possible, and wearing unique styles of swimwear is a great way to do just that. Try walking down the beach in something that you found at your local big box store and see what kind of attention you get. Everyone has already seen that style of swimwear a thousand times before and they aren’t going to notice them just because you are wearing them.

Instead, you need to look around online for something unique and exciting. Today’s spandex swimwear is about as unique and exciting as you can get. Once you have these designs on, you will notice that people all over the beach will be coming up to you and asking you about your swimwear. You just have to be willing to put your body on display a bit in order to get that kind of attention. After all, these are designs that you can’t be shy about wearing. Besides, showing your body off is something that will make you feel extremely confident once you start getting all those compliments.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to go too unique when it comes to your first pair of men’s spandex swimwear. You might find that the attention you end up with isn’t such a good thing. You need to find something that you are going to be allowed to wear out in public or you will be getting all of the wrong kind of attention. Take your time while shopping around and make sure you buy something that will be considered acceptable to the general public. On the other hand, if you want something extra sexy for around the house, then don’t let anything stand in your way of getting them.



Spandex Swimwear Was Made for Men


There are a lot of guys that think spandex swimwear was made strictly for men. I have seen some women wearing spandex out on the beach, but I have to agree that this is a material men should be wearing. It fits so snuggly and shows off every little curve of a man’s body that I just don’t understand why more men aren’t wearing it. This is something that I would have been wearing while I was still in high school if I had known it was around. I might have gotten a lot of jokes about it, but I don’t care what other people think when I am that comfortable.

Spandex swimwear was something that kind of snuck up on everyone not too long ago. It was like, one day, all the guys were wearing Bermuda shorts and suddenly a guy walks out and says “Hey everyone, look at my spandex!” The first guy I saw wearing spandex made me want to go out immediately and purchase my own swimwear designs. It can have that kind of effect on guys that want something different from what everyone else on the beach is wearing. Which I feel is a good thing. It is great to take a path that everyone else is not travelling at the time.

Even if you think women are the only ones that should be wearing spandex swimwear, try a pair out for yourself and see how wrong you are. Sure, women can look good in skimpy swimwear, but only a guy can pull off something like this made from spandex. Besides, don’t you want to feel comfortable and in complete control at the same time? That is the type of thing you will get from wearing these spandex designs. Not to mention the attention you could be getting for yourself while you are showing your body off on the beach. I think that may be the main reason that I enjoy wearing my spandex so much.


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